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Foto Matula Stanislaw Bogusz , Sacra Scriptura, Sancta Virgo, Spiritus Sanctus. Maria e la molteplice rivelazione di Ges¨ Cristo nellĺinsegnamento di San Bonaventura da Bagnoregio , in Antonianum, 83/2 (2008) p. 191-226 .

Summary: The theory of illumination is centred by Bonaventure on the cate-gory of light, and is one of the indispensable trajectories of interpreting his writings. Prominent in this context is a very ample conception of revelation. The Seraphic Doctor not only starts from a vestigium of God’s design revealed in Creation, decipherable by the person of faith, but also includes other agents. In some writings, such as sermons, this manner of proceeding becomes predo-minant. While maintaining a rightful balance, he proposes a revelation that, codified specifically in the inspired text of sacred Scripture, is carried out by the continuous action of the Holy Spirit and is related to Mary’s role in the mystery of the Incarnation. In the light of the Bonaventurian theological prin-ciples, this article seeks a possible interpretation of this unusual combination.

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