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Foto Martino Antonio , Rivisitazioni heideggeriane , in Antonianum, 83/1 (2008) p. 41-51 .

Summary: This article, in following Heideggerian existential analytics as explicitated in Sein und Zeit, intends to trace the “philosophically primary” meaning of analytics of the existentiality of existence in the “hermeneutische Situation.” The approach of existential problematics requires, as its own condition of possibility, the determination of the structure of Care. The intention here is that of facing a “sufficiently founded ontological problematisation” starting with the existentive (ontic) character of existential analytics. It is the existentive understanding of the “possibility of being of the gradually existing Dasein” that is the foundation of the possibility of the “unveiling” of the existentiality of existence. Why is it that temporality is revealed as the meaning of Care? This is the question, to which it is being sought to give an answer.

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