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Foto HORTA ESPINOZA Jorge , Diritto degli autori e verifica della qualitÓ źcattolica╗. La vigilanza del Magistero sulla pubblicazione degli scritti cattolici, in Antonianum, 83/4 (2008) p. 603-624 .

Summary: The right of authors' to the intellectual property of their works is today vigorously promoted and defended in every society. This same right, as is shown in this article, is not only received, but also sustained in canonical legislation. Indeed the products of intellectual work may constitute very important tools for imbuing human and social reality with Gospel values. At the same time, this is an area where the vigilance is also needed of the sacred Pastors, whose authoritative judgement alone guarantees the genuinely Catholic character of works being published. Such pastoral vigilance, rather than diminishing the rightful freedom of the faithful of Christ to study, research and expound their ideas and the fruits of their discoveries, corresponds to a right of authors to have their works suitably certified as free from error regarding faith and morals. Indeed the role here of the Church's Teaching Authority is to be a secure point of reference, a guarantee of Chatolic quality, offered to both authors and readers.

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