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Foto Zawadzki Ryszard , L’abbondare della giustizia in vista del Regno dei cieli (Mt 5,20), in Antonianum, 80/3 (2005) p. 453-484 .

Summary: The article deals with a specific problem concerning the literary composition of the sermon on the mount (Mt 5-7). The author aims to determine, by means of synchronic analysis of Mt 5:20 and Mt 5:21-48, the relationship between these two passages as well as the specific function of the antitheses (5:21-48) in reference to 5:20. The first step of the research is the semantic-syntactic analysis of Mt 5:20; the second one is the analysis of the six antitheses (5:21-48) which is concentrated on the common motifs. In the final synthetic chapter of the article, the author arrives at the conclusion that the constitutive element of the relationship between Mt 5:20 and Mt 5:21-48 is created by the formal concordance: the contrast regarding righteousness in 5:20, coincides perfectly with the contrast between the “theses” and the respective “antitheses” in 5:21-48.

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