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Foto Báez-Rubí Linda , La herencia del Ars lulliana contemplativa en el orbe cultural de la evangelización franciscana: Fray Juan de Zumárraga y la vía de los beneficios en tierras de la nueva España, in Antonianum, 80/3 (2005) p. 532-562 .

Summary: The Christian iconography requires the guidance of theological and spiritual patterns for a better understanding. The missionary art of the first century in New Spain reveals its roots in the mystical theology of Ramon Llull and his “Ars”, which develops an ordered theory of the work of God, grounded in the so called “order of benefits”. Such a theory was received by the first missionary Franciscans in America through the easier interpretation of Sibiuda, and applied by the famous bishop of Mexico, the Franciscan Zumarraga.

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