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Foto Spiteris Yannis , Il ruolo della pneumatologia nella tradizione orientale , in Antonianum, 73/3 (1998) p. 505-533 .

Summary: The Orthodox tradition is not above all as pneumocentric as it may seem, but triadocentric, which considers both the divine life  ad intra  as well as that life  ad extra, always beginning with the whole of the Trinity according to the patristic principle:  Everything proceeds from the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit.   It is precisely from this vital role occupied by the Trinity in the Eastern theological universe that the importance and unique role of the Spirit in the work of salvation also follows.  One can see that Eastern theology revolves around the primary reality of the divinization, understood as the true communion of humankind with God the Trinity.  The importance of the Spirit derives precisely from the fact that He represents the divine Person from whom comes the immediate outbreaking of divine life in humankind and in all of creation.  The divinization of the human person and of creation comes about through Christ and the Church.   It is for this reason that this Orthodox pneumatological reflection concentrates its thought on the quadrinominial relationship:  Spirit-Christ-Church-Eucharist.  From this is also derived the strong eschatalogical accent which inspires the whole ecclesiological pneumatology of some Orthodox theologians.  It thus becomes a synthesis of the thinking of some of them.  The author takes into account, above all, the pneumatological reflection of Vladimir Lossky, of Goergeij Florovsky and of the Metropolite of Pergamo Joannis Zizoulas.

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