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Marchitielli Elena, Statuto ontologico dell’uomo ed eutanasia: una improponibile equazione, in Antonianum 78/1 (2003) p. 89-112.

Summary: The relevance which mass media accords to bioethics and to problems related to it, in particular to euthanasia, can be interpret... (More)

Marchitielli Elena, Fede e ragione: un dramma del nostro tempo, in Antonianum 75/4 (2000) p. 721-758.

Summary: In this article the author starts with an important consideration in the understanding of the doctrinal impact of Fides et Ratio... (More)

Marchitielli Elena, ' Aφελε παντα ossia spogliati di tutto. UnĹammonizione di Plotino , in Antonianum 74/1 (1999) p. 97-134.

Summary: The Plotinian admonition, “strip away everything,” differentiates itself from the detached declarations by the philosophical systems of the Helle... (More)

Marchitielli Elena, Alleanza sponsale con Cristo nell'epistolario clariano, in Antonianum 70/1 (1995) p. 99-115.

Summary: On the 8th centenary of the birth of St. Clare of Assisi the author of this study rereads the letters of the Saint in the light ... (More)

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