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Foto Jaeger David M. , Recensione: Winfried Schulz, Der neue Codex und die kirchlichen Vereine, in Antonianum, 61/2-3 (1986) p. 500 .

This is a very useful little book, very competently written and well organised. It is specifically designed for the guidance of those who are concerned in a practical way with associations of Christ's faithful, and although it pays particular attention to the territory of the Federal Re­public Germany, offers mostly information that is generally applicable everywhere else. The way it relates ecclesiastical law to civil legislation is particularly helpful and provides a model for adaptation to other situations. The introduction appropriately introduces the concepts of association and juridical personality in the Church. The three chapters that follow discuss respectively the applicable law prior to the entry into force of the present Code of Canon Law, the law of association in the present Code and the effects of the new legislation on existing bodies. The conclusion is followed by an appendixthet reproduces the most important relevant canons of the present Code — in the Latin original and in facing German translation. The last couple of pages are given to suggestions for further reading. The exposition is geared to the concerned non-specialist, but professional ca­nonists too may well benefit from it, particularly in carrying out their own tasks of teaching and advising. It would undoubtedly be a good thing if the same author and other colleagues were to use this book as a model for similar expositions of other areas of the Code which may be of interest to significant groups of Christ's faithful beside canon lawyers.

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