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Giordan Giuseppe - Oviedo Lluís , Stefano Federici, Cattolicesimo e pluralismo culturale. Un confronto tra Italia e Stati Uniti, in Antonianum 83/2 (2008) p. 247-277.

Summary: The history of Christianity can be described as a history of constant confrontation with the social and cultural context it met all along the centuries. Such... (More)

Giordan Giuseppe, ‘Devotio postmoderna’ Survey on a sample of devotees to St. Anthony of Padua, in Antonianum 80/1 (2005) p. 137-146.

Summary: What does it mean to be a “devotee” in the context of postmodern religious pluralism? A random telephone survey inte... (More)

Giordan Giuseppe, Dall’uno al molteplice: la legittimazione dei valori nell’epoca del pluralismo, in Antonianum 78/2 (2003) p. 357-375.

Summary: The transition from traditional society to modern and postmodern society seems to have brought with it a new way of grounding va... (More)

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