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Marcil George, Recensione: CAMILLE BIIRUBE, De la philosophic a la sagesse chez saint Bonaventure et Roger Bacon. Roma: Istituto Storico dei Cappuccini, in Antonianum 59/1-2 (1984) p. 317-320.

Fr. Camille Berube, a French-Canadian Capuchin, has been for a couple of decades a member of the Istituto Storico wh... (More)

Marcil George, Recensione: CAMILLE BERUBE, De I'homme a Dieu selon Duns Scot, Henri de Gand et Olivi, in Antonianum 59/1-2 (1984) p. 320-322.

This is the second collection of articles by Camille Berube to be published in recent years. The first, De la philosophic a la sagess... (More)

Marcil George, Recensione: JUNIPER B. CAROL, The Absolute Primacy and Predestination of Jes˙s and His Virgin Mother. Chicago, in Antonianum 58/2-3 (1983) p. 500-502.

This is a difficult book to read and to review. In a sense it was not written to be read straight through. The book has an encyclopedic c... (More)

Marcil George, Recensione: BERNARDINE M. BONANSEA, Man and His Approach to God in John Duns Scotus, in Antonianum 58/2-3 (1983) p. 502-504.

Fr. Bernardine M. Bonansea, Franciscan, is professor emeritus at Catholic University of America where he has taught philosophy foi eighte... (More)

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