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Albrile Ezio, La pieve del sagittario. Gnostici e astromanti a Roccaforte Mondovė, in Antonianum 88/1 (2013) p. 111-130.

Summary: Romanesque Art contains very old recollections in its manifestations. In fact, a few iconographic representations of this Art th... (Continua)

Albrile Ezio, L’epica mancata. Appunti di biopolitica gnostica, in Antonianum 86/4 (2011) p. 783-807.

Summary: The Homeric epos is an opportunity given to Gnosticism to tell the tragic ... (Continua)

Albrile Ezio, Č MĒš Par–g l’Ouroboros iranico? , in Antonianum 84/3 (2009) p. 595-606.

Summary: The demonisation of the Planets had embarrassing consequences in Iranian astrology lore. The Zoroastrians had adopted the number seven from Babylon astral om... (Continua)

ALBRILE EZIO, Il colore dei Magi, in Antonianum 81/2 (2006) p. 323-338.

Summary: The article speaks of the “cosmogonic Egg” and the “chromatic dualism” related to the ancient Iranian religion. According to this tra... (Continua)

Albrile Ezio, La genėa triforme. Aspetti della mitografia gnostica, in Antonianum 79/1 (2004) p. 143-155.

Summary: The Gnostic phenomenon is a complex reality which requires an analysis oriented mainly from a mythographic point of view. The present essay takes into accoun... (Continua)

Albrile Ezio, La posteritā di IAO , in Antonianum 76/3 (2001) p. 521-549.

Summary: The article explores some aspects of Gnostic syncretism in the light of an epigraph from Athens, called the “Magic Sphere&... (Continua)

Albrile Ezio, I Magi e la “Madre celeste”, in Antonianum 75/2 (2000) p. 311-332.

Summary: The article analyses an aspect of that, which can be defined the gnosis of Aramaic area, in whose doctrinal channel flowed various syncretist elements of Ira... (Continua)

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