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Foto Albrile Ezio , La genėa triforme. Aspetti della mitografia gnostica, in Antonianum, 79/1 (2004) p. 143-155 .

Summary: The Gnostic phenomenon is a complex reality which requires an analysis oriented mainly from a mythographic point of view. The present essay takes into account one specific aspect of the doctrine of the Naassenes Gnostics: the Primordial Man, Adamas, divided into three forms; celestial, psychic, and terrestrial, and the relationship with the myth of Geryon, of the .Three-bodied.. In this myth, the Naassenes distinguish two levels of meaning, one cosmological and another ontological, or metaphysical. Both presuppose a broad mythographic scenario, in which the Gnostic thought has evolved and differentiated.

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