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Foto Etzi Priamo , La formazione permanente dei religiosi quale "dinamismo di fedeltā", in Antonianum, 77/4 (2002) p. 721-740 .

Summary: Formation activity is based on a dynamic need which is intrinsic in the religious charism, in itself permanent and irreversible. It should therefore be conceived and developed in a way in which every religious can continually take advantage of it, bearing in mind those possibilities and characteristics attached to variations in age, charism and the apostolate of each Institute, as well as the tasks of each religious. This formation therefore must take in and harmonize every dimension throughout one’s life. In this study, following the path drawn out by the apostolic exhortation “Vita Consecrata”,  sectors, agents, methods, instruments and times of permanent formation are highlighted, considered not so much as a necessary process of updating, as much as an authentic “dynamism of fidelity” (cfr.VC 70).

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