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Foto Manzano Isidoro G. , Individuo y sociedad en Duns Escoto, in Antonianum, 76/1 (2001) p. 43-78 .

Summary: The author sets forth the thought of Scotus concerning the origins of “civil society”, and the development within it of “authority” as the so-called “juridical link”. After presenting the nature of the problem he develops the traditional Aristotelian-Thomistic understanding of the topic with a view towards bringing to light the different foundation which Scotus sets forth. Later offers three presuppositions which form the framework in which Scotus’ thought on this subject is situated and develops it  commenting on the two texts which in a very explicit manner set forth the foundation of society based on a “democratic principle”. The third section presents the thought of Scotus on civil society and link it to a different understanding of freedom, one which implies a responsibility, such that humans are recognized by God for the purpose of creating the necessary institutions to live in accord with the rationally better and freely taken on. The fourth section undertakes a polemic against the claims that make Scotus responsible for a political thought which is negative and destructive.

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