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Foto Buscemi Alfio Marcello , Gal 3,8-14 Le genti benedette in Abramo per la fede, in Antonianum, 74/2 (1999) p. 195-225 .

Summary: Gal 3: 8-14, nodal point of the Puline doctrine of justification by faith, was and is the object of numerous studies that attempt to resolve the literary and theological problems of this difficult text. Many difficulties would be more easily resolved if a better subdivision were adopted; that is Gal 3: 8-14 with an insertion of the midrash of Gal 3: 6-29.The result of this contribution does not resolve all of the problems of the passage, however, it confronts various difficulties of a literary nature. The articulation of Gal 3: 8-14 is the same and inclusive within Gal 3: 6-29; its literary genera and line of thought are derived from it.

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