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Foto Oviedo Lluís , Los errores históricos de la Iglesia en el contexto del debate apologético: El arrepentimiento eclesial, in Antonianum, 74/4 (1999) p. 627-659 .

Summary: This article examines the spread and influence of historical argument against the Church and the philosophical and moral implications that derive therefrom, with special relationship to the Church’s current call for repentance. In the first part the author journeys through the numerous Thinkers who have used this argument, beginning from P. Bayle in the second half of the XVII century until our days. The second part presents a synthesis of the discussion within the philosophy of history concerning the possibility of passing critical and moral judgements about the past. A further article should delve into the topics of religion and violence, collective responsibility and a theological view of  ecclesial errors of the past.

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