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Foto Dotolo Carmelo , Con quale Cristianesimo? In ascolto dei segni del tempo post-moderno, in Antonianum, 87/4 (2012) p. 649-659 .

Summary: However ambiguous and complex it may be, post-modernity is a sign of the times. Only within contemporary symbols, speech and values, can the fellowship of Christian faith become a hospitable space of open dialogue with human searching. Even where such dialogue brings up the need for serious and well informed criticism. Thus the space for a meaningful presence of Christianity today is not to be thought of as polemical antagonism in relation to other world-views, but as a proposal that is up to winning over others, because it is different, geared to a cultural project that aims for human growth and for the possibility of building the common good. It is a matter, ultimately, of re-activating the Gospel’s creativity and liberating responsibility.

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