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Foto Douramani Katherine , Il Typikon del monastero di S. Bartolomeo di Trigona, in Antonianum, 71/2 (1996) p. 307-324 .

SUMMARY: The Typikon of the monastery St. Bartolomy of Trigona is a paper Ms. of the year 1571 A.D.; written in Italo-Calabrian though using greek lettering, it belongs to the Ca-labro-Sycilian model of typika. From a comparative analysis, the present Ms. seems to be a good copy of the well known typikon of the SS. Savior monastery, Messina (12th century). The first part of the Ms. offers the liturgical rulis of the monastery, while the second refers to the disciplinary canons concerning the life of the monks. (The canons concerning the monk's moral state, sexuality, private property and administration, with epitimia prescribed for those caught breaking the rule. They also describe the various administrative posts of the monastery giving the functions of each). The present Ms. is the only extans example of byzantine typikon written in italian.

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