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Foto Conti Martino , Approccio all'esortazione apostolica post-sinodale «Vita consecrata», in Antonianum, 71/3 (1996) p. 409-452 .

SUMMARY: From diverse angles: all that it says and all that remains to be said, the «Approach to the post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation Vita Consecrata» puts in evidence some important points regarding the present and the future state of consecrated life, as they emerge from the do­cument itself, and others that refer to the three dimensions: consecration, communion and mis­sion. At the Pope's request, these points demand a continued reflection for a further deepening. The points taken into consideration are: the distinction between the evangelical institution of consecrated life enacted by Christ and its organisation enacted by the Church (n. 1); the na­ture of consecrated life, understood as foedus cum Christo, of which the evangelical counsels are the explicit element (n.2); the recovery of the typology of consecrated life (hermitical, monastic, canonical, apostolic), the overcoming of the «unique» model-first community of Jerusalem, and their bearing on the way of living and organising fraternal community within each Institute (n.3); the theological basis of the mission and the necessity of determining the specific moment of the life of Christ, which every Institute is called by a special vocation to live and proclaim fmisteryj (n.4); finally, the problems deriving from the recognition of the Mixed Institutes* {clerical and lay religious with an equality of rights and obligations) regarding the nature and origin of the «potestas regiminis».

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