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Foto Battaglia Vincenzo , L'autoumiliazione e l'obbedienza del Figlio di Dio incarnato. Saggio interpretativo in prospettiva soteriofogica, in Antonianum, 67/2-3 (1992) p. 198-239 .

SUMMARY: Inserted within the horizon of a kenotic reading of the Incarnation, this refle­ction, made from the viewpoint of narrative theology, has as its theme the correlation be­tween the self-humiliation and the obedience exercised by Jesus Christ, making insistence on two nodal points: self-humiliation is expressed in and through obedience; and it reaches its culminating point in the passion, whose acceptance represents the act of supreme obedience performed by Jesus, the Messiah «humble of heart», who has always behaved as the Servant - Submissive and Obedient to the Father, above all in the hour of «trial». In the context of this treatise reference is made also to the soteriological aspect: inscribed in the confrontation between the pride of man, originating in the sin of disobedience, the above-mentioned aspect points out ultimately the salvific value inherent to obedience.

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