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Foto Calabrese Vincenzo , Pierre Le Brun de l'Oratoire (1661-1729) e il problema dell'epiclesi eucaristica, in Antonianum, 67/4 (1992) p. 492-519 .

SUMMARY: Pierre Le Brun presents an urudite reflection which can be considered as a page in the theological history of the eucharistic «epiclesis». His thesis, which maintains that the prayer of the «epiclesis» is indissolubly linked with the «narratio institutionis», affirms that the «body» of the Canon, forming one indivisible whole, causes the bread and wine to become the Body and Blood of Christ. In other words, the «epiclesis» and the «anamnesis» are seen by him at the very origin of the sacramentality of the Eucharist.

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