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Foto Mailleux Romain-Georges , Domicile legai et domicile des religieux dans l'histoire de la doctrihe canonique , in Antonianum, 66/1 (1991) p. 62-139 .

SUMMARY — The problem discussed by the author concerns the legal domicile of members of religious institutes, which is now clearly established in the new Code of Canon Law (can. 103). The author undertakes the task of determining the precise notion of legal domicile, its nature and mode of its acquisition. The present Code resumes the traditional notion of legal domicile in the case of married persons and religious. For the religious, the domicile is the place where the religious house is situated. With regards to the nature of legal domicile and the mode of acquiring it, the author holds that the religious acquires a voluntary domicile according to the usual norms of the Code and the canonical tradition provided that he ful­fills the two necessary conditions for the constitution of legal domicile, namely the intention of residing permanently (animus) and the «de facto» residence (corpus).

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