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Foto Vian Paolo , Bonaventura di Bagnofegio di fronte a Gioacchino da Fiore e al gioachimismo. Qualche riflessione su recenti valutazioni , in Antonianum, 65/2-3 (1990) p. 133-160 .

Summary — After a brief analysis of Joachim da Fiore's work and the rela­tionships existing between joachimism and franciscanism in the 13th century, the author examines the diverse viewpoints of Marjorie Reeves and Henri de Lubac on the «vexata quaestio» of Bonaventure's attitude towards Joachim. Neither the interpretation of Bonaventure «joachimist malgre lui» (Reeves), nor the drastic adjustment of bonaventurian joachimism almost ending in its denial (Lubac), nor the indefinite explanation (joachimism as the ideal patri­mony diffused in the 13th century), seem to be adequate to explain an individual and characterised viewpoint, completely different, for example, from that of a contemporary thinker as Thomas Aquinas. The author indicates a possible solution of interpreting bonaventurian joachimism in the light of his concept of franciscanism, in strict fidelity to the ideals of the origin attuned to the rythms and needs of historical evolution.

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