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Foto Del Zotto Cornelio , La Ģ via Scoti ģ nell'epistolario di Johann Amerbach (1443-1513), in Antonianum, 65/2-3 (1990) p. 161-186 .

Summary — From a study of the epistolary of Johann Amerbach (1443-1513), famous editor of Patristic texts in Basil, a friend of the most renowned humanists of the time, a propagator of catholic truths and an exemplary father, one gets the interesting surprise of finding a letter written to his two sons Bruno and Basil, then students at Paris in the Faculty of Arts, in which the father cautions his sons against following the «via nova» which reaffirmed the nominalism of W. Ockham, counselling them to follow, rather, the safer and more sound « via Scoti». This discovery offers the opportunity of recalling the situation of studies at Paris at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century, and particularly the esteem which the teaching of Scotus enjoyed. It is indeed significant that Amerbach, a disciple of the well-known Thomist Master at the end of the 15th century at Paris and Basil, Jean Heynlin de Steyn (Johannes a Lapide), should warn his sons to follow the safe and sound doctrine of Scotus, fully aware that in this way they would be receiving an exceptional philosophical and theological formation, and at the same time acquiring an excellent human and christian maturity for the fulfilment of their qualified profession of Catholic editors.

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