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Foto Nobile Marco , Influssi iranici nel libro di Ezechiele? , in Antonianum, 63/4 (1988) p. 449-457 .

Summary — The author continues to expose the results of his research on the book of Ezekiel. In this study he endeavours to find out the possible existence of an influence of Iranian elements on the liturgical framework (particularly on New Year's Day) at the stage of redaction in this propheti­cal book.

To this purpose the article develops itself in three points: 1) an investiga­tion of a possible relationship between the motive of the resurrection of the dead in Ez 37, 1-14 and a similar one present in the annual Iranian feast of Farvardigan; 2) an examination of the connection between the date of the New Year's Day in Ez 40, 1 and that of the Iranian New Year's Day of Mihragan; 3) the relevance of the similarity of the solar characteristics of the Ezekielic God with those of the Iranian Mitra.

The eventual iconic borrowing does not in any way affect the original identity of the God of Israel.

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