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Foto Vāzqųez Janeiro Isaac , La Orden Capuchina en la historia del dogma de la Inmaculada Concepciķn, in Antonianum, 61/2-3 (1986) p. 381-433 .

Summary. — The Dogmatic Definition of the Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception, long before December 8, 1854, was the object of formal appeals made in different times and by various institutions. The Author publishes nine of these petitions addressed to the Holy See in 1617 and in 1732 by Spanish Capuchin Provinces. The first three appeals are already known, but in the present new edition, the Author re-examines the problem of the composer of the first petition, and gives a lectio emen-datior of the textus vulgatus of the second. The other six petitions are here edited for the first time according to the original textes preserved in the Vatican Archives: Fondo Miscell. Arm. Ill, Volumes 241 and 242.

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