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Foto Giordan Giuseppe - Oviedo Lluís , Stefano Federici, Cattolicesimo e pluralismo culturale. Un confronto tra Italia e Stati Uniti, in Antonianum, 83/2 (2008) p. 247-277 .

Summary: The history of Christianity can be described as a history of constant confrontation with the social and cultural context it met all along the centuries. Such extraordinary capacity of Christianity, and of Catholicism in particular, of adapting to the most diverse cultures has been studied and investigated through multifarious perspectives, which have highlighted both the process of discernment and mediation as well as that of negotiation and flexible adaptation. In other words, religion and culture are interwoven in a pluralization dynamics that lead them to re-position each other, putting to the test both the internal coherence and the identity inherited by tradition. This article means to present the first outcomes of a pilot research carried on at international level, confronting the beliefs and opinions of United States and Italian Catholics concerning some particularly “hot issues” inside Catholicism and relevant even in the contemporary public debate.

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