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Foto Malina Artur , Dio Padre e testimone del Figlio (Gv 1,32-34), in Antonianum, 88/2 (2013) p. 301-313 .

Summary: The baptism received by Jesus from John is narrated by the Synoptic Gospels. The Fourth Gospel, from the beginning of its narration, concentrates on the testimony of John received from God the Father. The scene in this Gospel, parallel to the Synoptic story of Jesus' baptism, highlights a tran­sition from ignorance to knowledge of the Word on the part of John and other positive personages, contrasted by the persistence in the ignorance and by the lack of the knowledge of the Word on the part of the institutional authorities of Jews. This change is possible by the triple experience of the recipient of God's revelation: recognition of its origin from God the Father, personal meeting with Jesus and the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

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