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Foto Fiorentino Francesco , , Il concetto di scientia di Duns Scoto nella Reportatio Parisiensis e la sua prima recezione ad Oxford, in Antonianum, 81/4 (2006) p. 655-691 .

Summary: How did Duns Scotus understand the term scientia, and how was his treatment of this term received at Oxford in the second half of the ‘20s of the fourteenth century?Answering these questions is the purpose of this article. The Author sustains the relevance to this end of the Reportatio Parisiensis, among the other works to be examined. Notwithstanding the difficulties inherent in proving the authenticity of multiple Reportata, the Author argues for the relevance here of the Parisiensis, on the grounds of the consistency of the - particularly profound - specific treatment of the subject in its text, and its Oxonian distribution, above all in relation to John of Reading and William Ockham.

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