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Foto Begg Christopher , The Wealth of Solomon according to Josephu, in Antonianum, 81/3 (2006) p. 413-429 .

Summary: This essay offers a detailed comparison of Josephus’ account of Solomon’s wealth in Ant. 8.176-189 with its two biblical sources, i.e. 1 Kgs 10,11-12.14-19 and 2 Chr 9,10-11.13-28. From that comparison it emerges, e.g,, that Josephus likely drew on various text-forms of Kings and Chronicles in formulating his own version. That version is further characterized by an array of amplifications, abbreviations, rearrangements, and other sorts of modifications of the biblical data that serve to accentuate, for apologetic purposes, the Scriptural portrait of Solomon’s opulence and the international prestige enjoyed by him.

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