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Malina Artur, PaternitÓ di Dio e preghiera filiale. (Le 11,8 nel suo contesto), in Antonianum 88/2 (2013) p. 271-287.

Summary: Jesus's exhortation to pray concerns an issue of fundamental importance for the theology of the Gospel of Luke. The parable following the instruction on... (More)

Malina Artur, Dio Padre e testimone del Figlio (Gv 1,32-34), in Antonianum 88/2 (2013) p. 301-313.

Summary: The baptism received by Jesus from John is narrated by the Synoptic Gospels. T... (More)

Malina Artur, Dio Padre secondo Marco. Quadro generale e Paterologia implicita, in Antonianum 86/1 (2011) p. 29-46.

Summary: This paper proposes an analysis of the image of God the Father in the Gospel of Mark. An absence of such terms as ≪fathe... (More)

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