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Publications of Mariusz Rosik publications (2)

Articles (1)
Rosik Mariusz, La fede che apre la strada alla salvezza (analisi sincronica di Mc 7, 24-30), in Antonianum 79/3 (2004) p. 445-472.

Summary: The article proposes a synchronic analysis of Mark 7:24-30. This analysis is divided into three parts: the preliminary investigations (the delimitation of th... (More)

Reviews (1)
Rosik Mariusz, Recensione: ROMAN BARTNICKI, Ewangelie synoptyczne. Geneza i interpretacja, in Antonianum 80/3 (2005) p. 563-566.

The book of R. Bartnicki, rector and professor of Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego in Warsaw, Poland, and member of S... (More)

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