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Foto Rosik Mariusz , La fede che apre la strada alla salvezza (analisi sincronica di Mc 7, 24-30), in Antonianum, 79/3 (2004) p. 445-472 .

Summary: The article proposes a synchronic analysis of Mark 7:24-30. This analysis is divided into three parts: the preliminary investigations (the delimitation of the pericope, textual criticism, and segmentation of the text), the exegesis of the pericope based on the internal structure which was established, and the conclusion. Special attention is given to the semantic fields of the words used by the evangelist. The exegetical investigations lead to the conclusion that the pericope of the Syro-Phoenician woman and her daughter (Mk 7:24-20) is strictly connected with the main themes of the Markan Gospel, especially with the question of the identity of Jesus, with the theme of God’s rule, and with the universal dimension of Jesus. ministry. The principal message of the story concerns the faith which opens the way to salvation both for Jews and for gentiles.

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