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Foto Carbajo Núñez Martín , La protección de la intimidad en los códigos deontológicos del periodismo europeo, in Antonianum, 79/4 (2004) p. 715-745 .

Summary: This article examines sixty codes of ethics issued and assumed by National journalism associations which operate in forty two European countries. The scope is to identify the common ethical principles which, according to them, are to be observed to reach a new equilibrium between the right to information and the right to privacy. It is assumed that there is a common ethical ground to the main stream of European journalism, as it has been implicitly admitted by the European Council in its 1.003 resolution (1993). Being more aware of these shared values will pave the way to the selfregulation that is urgently needed for the protection of human dignity in front of the rampant exhibitionism and voyeurism in the media.

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