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Foto Corbic Arnaud , L'incroyance, un beau risque pour la foi, in Antonianum, 79/2 (2004) p. 365-374 .

Summary: Trying to favour a dialogue with the present state of unbelief, characterizing wider populations, the article makes good use of the late Bonhoeffer.s writings, in order to construe a theological understanding of such a state of things. Unbelief is seen inside a perspective, which wants to demolish any kind of idols as a first step into the purification of faith and theological endeavour. Furthermore, unbelief is discovered as a way where God allows distance to foster man self-discovering. In such a view, God reveals Himself at the same time as He reveals man to himself, as a mature and free subject,“before Him” and “without Him” in the paradoxical formulation of Bonhoeffer.

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