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Foto Todisco Orlando , L’univocitā scotista dell’ente e la svolta moderna, in Antonianum, 76/1 (2001) p. 79-110 .

Summary:  After presenting the essential terms of an historographical orientation, according to which Scotostic univocity signals the beginning of the fall of the philosphical-scientific perspective from the theological realm, the author: (I) Undertakes a reanalysis of the doctri-ne of the univocity of being with the objective of showing the possibilies, not in contrast with theology, rather those that support it. (II) Shows that such an ontology assists in the understanding of the undefinite character of the intellect such that it can recognize all that God reveals,(a) because it is open to all being  (b) is authorized to predicate of the first being all that which is compatible with its own logic, according to the 'rule of Anselm' (c) it urges a reunderstanding of the concept of the contingent as possible, moving from the omnipotent God, whose transcendence is protected and in the end (d) agrees to interpret the created order as a total gift of God.

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