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Foto Martínez Fresneda Francisco , Cristología y creación, in Antonianum, 75/4 (2000) p. 653-680 .

Summary:  The object of the current work is to explore the possibility of an understanding of creation from a Christological starting point. It begins by reviewing the theology of creation in the OT & NT, and proceeds to present a deeper vision of Christology as revealed in the world and in human beings.  With an analysis of the motives of the Incarnate Word it emphasizes the salvific dimension and the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ, which is highlighted in the biblical texts and the theological tradition regarding creation and human beings. Finally it explores the repercussions of the Christian message regarding the universality of Jesus Christ and his relationship to the non-Christian religions, the autonomy of the reality created by this, and love as the center and foundation of the world. In each of these sections the vision of the Franciscan writers is brought forth, a vision which has created a style of thought unique within Christianity.

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