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Foto Morisi Marzia , Le nozze miste nel Libro dei Vigilanti: una risposta della prima apocalittica al problema dell‘unde malum , in Antonianum, 74/1 (1999) p. 53-96 .

Summary: The article continues and completes the already published: “For the origin of the apocalyptic: from the ambivalence of the mystical Greek marriage to the ambiguity of the Jewish mixed marriage” (Antonianum 73-3 (1998) 483-504). After the analysis of the theme in the Greek world, the second part of the article moves to an examination of mixed marriage in the Jewish ambience, where this mythical pattern has in the first apocalyptic an ambiguous valence.  The sudden transformation to negative of the Greek material, as it passed into the Jewish ambience, leads again to diverse explanations, associated with the relationship of encounter and collision between Greek and Jew worlds shaping up in the 5th century B.C. As conclusion of the comparison, if it was a passage of material relative to the mixed wedding and to the offspring generated, in the Jewish ambience, the author of the first chapters of the most ancient apocalyptic writing known to us, the Book of The Vigilant, had redeveloped and transformed such material in this very specific manner.

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