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Foto Battaglia Vincenzo , Ges˙ Cristo Crocifisso Sposo della Chiesa. Prospettive di ricerca e traiettorie tematiche per l┤elaborazione di una cristologia sponsiale , in Antonianum, 74/3 (1999) p. 431-462 .

Summary: The author presents some indications for an espousal Christology. It is linked to a recent essay where he was concerned about the relationship between Christology and Contemplation. He tries to explore some perspectives of this research and these themes. This study focuses on convergences and corelations between Contemplation and Espousal. It starts with a general description of the Espousal relationship between Jesus and the Church.  This occurs through the action of the Holy Spirit. It is overwhelming Charity that brings the only begotten Son of God to be incarnated and to be given over to the Cross. This, at the same time, reveals His irrevocable identity as the Spouse of the Church. The author then considers some spiritual and mystical literature which start off with an Espousal Christology. Next, he illustrates the sense of contemplation and participation in the sentiments of Christ.  Grace in the Espousal union, which is conformity to Christ, for the author, is given and realized through the Holy Spirit. Finally, he tries to show how the loving union with the crucified Christ,  experienced in discipleship which expresses suffering with Christ,  is the very heart and center of Espousal Christology.

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