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Foto Lavilla Martín Miguel Ángel , La sumisión a toda criatura por Dios, propuesta por Francisco de Asís. Un pasaje de la historia exegética de 1 P 2,13 , in Antonianum, 74/3 (1999) p. 463-499 .

Summary: Francis' proposal to be subject to everyone, even beasts, for God's sake, is based on 1P 2,13. These pages determine the original meaning of the Scriptural reference, its interpretation during the MA and its comprehension by Francis. Further, the article analyses the contexts where this reference occurs: RegNB XVI, EpFid II, SalVirt.  These analyses show that Francis' proposal is thoroughly evangelical and original, compared to former interpretations of 1 P2. His proposal is essential to his own religious experience.

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