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Foto Garuti Adriano , Primato del Vescovo di Roma e Dialogo Cattolico/Luterano II, in Antonianum, 74/4 (1999) p. 587-626 .

Summary: In the first part of his study, the author presented the Lutheran vision of the primacy as well as a systematic analysis, within the more general ecclesiological context, of the documents of the ecumenical dialogue on this question.  In this second part, he provides an assessment of the results thus far achieved. This evaluation supports his conclusion that, as the results obtained on the prior ecclesiological questions were not fully adequate, and notwithstanding the much proclaimed readiness of Lutheranism to accept a primatial service to the Universal Church and the effective transformation in mutual relations, substantial points of controversy still remain, especially with regard to the ius divinum of the Bishop of Rome and his fullness of power.

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