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Foto Boni Andrea , La vita consacrata nel suo essere della Chiesa e non nella Chiesa , in Antonianum, 73/4 (1998) p. 679-694 .

Summary: The author focussed on the question wheter Consecrated Life belongs to the constitutive essence of the church. Against prevailing opinion, he affirms that Consecrated Life is not ecclesiastically but divinely instituted. Jesus Christ, who set up Christian Life also instituted Consecrated Life. The author attempts a new ontological identity of Consecrated Life. But, he does not present anything really new from the theological point of view. What he proposes was already taught by the Church Fathers. Today, due to scientific research the patristic doctrine on the divine institution of Consecrated Life is better known. it was even recently confirmed in the Apostolic Exhortation «Vita Consecrata».

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