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Foto Conti Martino , Dio difensore della causa degli oppressi secondo il Salmo 94, in Antonianum, 72/1 (1997) p. 3-37 .

Summary: The Psalm 94 tackles the theme of the just who suffers unjustly on account of the impious. The Psalmist turns to God, the just judge, exposes to him his case and asks him to intervene in his favour, to put an end to the injustice to which he is victime. Under the literary aspect Ps. 94 is very complex: to the proper elements of the lamentations (individual and collective) it combines others, characteristic of the sapiental Psalms. The actuality of Psalm 94 is evidenced by the theme treated: God defender of the cause of the oppressed, a theme which the Psalmist develops in six concentric parts, thus articulated: to the initial appeal (a. = vv. 1-2) corresponds the conclusive appeal (a'. = 22-23); to one first lamentation, containing the exposition of the case (b. = vv. 3-7), corresponds a second lamentation (b'. = vv. 16-26); to one sapiental lesson, which declares the ruin of the impious (c.= vv. 8-11), follows a second sapiental lesson, which proclaims the beatitude of the just, (c'. = vv. 12-15). faithful to the sapiental theme, the Pslmist teaches that the just, because protected by God, prospers, in other words he will enjoy a long life, which will be tanquil and honoured in the promised land, whereas the impious, who in the days of his life hated wisdom, will end in ruin.














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