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Foto North Robert , Theilard, Scotus, Origen and Lyons, in Antonianum, 79/3 (2004) p. 505-532 .

Summary: An Antonianum Festschrift was the first published notice of Teilhard’s kinship to Scotus, claims a recent Oxford doctorate showing chiefly Origen’s suspected pan[en]theism and subordinationism terminology and their relevance to Teilhard. Lyons details also pre/post Teilhard-era British and Germans precursor of the Cosmic Christ notion. This notion in Scotus and Teilhard had meanwhile been thoroughly set forth in conversations by Franciscan Hong-Kong Bible translator Allegra in amiable explanation of why hje had been unable to concede the imprimatur requested of him by the Apostolic Delegate. In the present article are considered post-1967 publications by or about Teilhard, and Lyons-inspired inquiry into Teilhard’s teachers or readings pointing him toward his Cosmic Christ. We add data from the french Dominican Scholar-scientist Arnould, especially regarding his confrère Dalmace Leroy’s ecclesiastical problems of science updating faith. Also noted is the different path taken by a contemporary Dominican Fox, aiming at youth and mysticism.

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