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Foto , The Great Jubilee of the Jerusalem Commettee: Project of a week of study on Christology, in Antonianum, 71/4 (1996) p. 747-748 .

April 29th - May 4th, 1997, Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, Jerusalem

Faculties and Seminaries taking part: Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise; Pontificio Istituto Biblico; Seminaire du Patriarcat Latin; Studen-tato Teologico Salesiano; Studium Biblicum Franciscanum; Studium Theo-logicum Jerosolymitanum OFM; Theologisches Studienjahr Dormitio.


-   Tuesday April 29th, 1997 - In the morning, major christological texts of
the New Testament: J. N. Aletti, SJ (in Italian); J. Murphy O'Connor,
OP (in English).

In the afternoon, work shops on Old Testament messianic texts both sapien­tial and royal.

-   Wednesday April 30th, 1997 - In the morning, dialogue between Jews and
Christians on christology: F. Manns, OFM (in French, or English); a Jew­
ish scholar (in English).

In the afternoon, panel discussion on specific topics such as anthropomor­phism in the Hebrew Bible and different forms of God's presence among men, with the participation of Jewish scholars.

-   Thursday May 1st, 1997 - In the morning, Scholastic christologies: M.
Dubois, OP (Thomas Aquinas; in French); J. A. Merino, OFM (John
Duns Scotus; in Italian).

In the afternoon, panel discussion on Jewish-Christian-Moslem dialogue in Middle Ages, and modern perspectives on this subject.

-   Friday May 2nd, 1997 - In the morning, Fathers and theologians of the Lo­
cal Church: R. Khoury, Latin Patriarchate (Fathers of the local Church;
in Italian); S. Khalil, SJ (Medieval Arab-Christian writers on christology;
in French).

In the afternoon, panel discussion on Christian-Moslem relations, with the participation of Moslem scholars.

Saturday May 3rd, 1997 - In the morning, modern christologies: V. Battaglia, OFM (in Italian); A. Amato, SDB (in English, or French).

In the afternoon, ecumenical panel on Oriental and Protestant christolo­gies, with the participation of theologians of different denominations in the Holy Land.

-  Sunday May 4th, 1997 - Common Celebration in Bethlehem. Concluding dinner.


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