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Foto Rubio Josep E. , Las relaciones entre fÚ y razˇn en Ramon Llull seg¨n el capitulo 154 del Llibre de contemplatici: estudio de contenidos y de estilo, in Antonianum, 69/2-3 (1994) p. 231-260 .

SUMMARY: The literary works of the Franciscan from Majorica admit of various interpretations due to their richness and vastness. If we concentrate on the Book of contemplation, we can ap­preciate a treatment of the problem concerning the relationship between faith and reason, much more complex than some would think, nullifying the accusations not only of "rationalism" but al­so of irrational mysticism. After examining the missionological and apologetic perspectives, one can more understand the role played by reason and the quality of faith, which makes it possible to represent them according to an ascending process, starting from the first to the second. The study of the style and the structure of this work unveils forms of great literary elaboration, always as the service of rationalisation.

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