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Foto Celeghin Adriano , I responsabili della parrocchia , in Antonianum, 67/1 (1992) p. 67-90 .

Summary: The author examines in the first part the diversity of pastoral and juridical situa­tions, and consequently the difference of roles of those who are entrusted with the responsi­bility of a parish. After a clear definition of every singular figure in order to make evident the diversity of responsibility, consideration is made of the various juridical aspects, such as rights and duties, nomination, installation and termination of office. In the second part, the author tackles particular problems of some importance. It is asked whether the term «parish priest» (pastor) can be attributed to priests entrusted with pastoral care, and what is the role of the moderator. Another question is made whether the obligation of hearing the advice of the Vicar forane is «ad validitatem». It is further enquired to what reality is attached the «missa pro populo», and finally who has the right of presenting names for the nomination of parish priests.

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