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Foto Tanasiychuk Andriy , Alcuni aspetti del “munus regendi” del can. 296 CCEO, in Antonianum, 84/2 (2009) p. 303-321 .

Summary: The historical-juridical profile; norms of the Particular Synods; the legal norms in force; registration of the administration of Chrismation; the duty of the territorial parish priest; the duty of the personal parish priest; the duty of the chaplain; the baptismal register; the parish priest with competence: a) the parish priest of the place of Baptism; b) the parish priest of a sui iuris Church caring for the faithful of another sui iuris Church; c ) the parish pirest of the baptised child of unbaptised parents (can. 29 § 2,3 CCEO); d) the parish priest for Eastern-rite non-Catholics (can. 35 et can. 681 § 5 CCEO).

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