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Foto Korosak Bruno , ź Ges¨ Cristo Ŕ lo stesso ieri, oggi e sempre ╗ (Eb 13,8) , in Antonianum, 60/2-3 (1985) p. 279-308 .

Summary: Eminent New Testament scholars have for some time now been calling attention to the fact that St. Paul and St. John speak of Jesus Christ, the God-Man, as pre-existing before our time as glorified now with that same glory that He had with His Father «before the world was» (Jn 17,5). Not few are the difficulties that this creates for dogmatic theologians, since it presupposes a Hypostatic Union prior to the Incarnation, and a presentation of the Trinity that is neither immanent nor economic. These difficulties can, however, be resolved by means of the notion of « eviternity », introduced into the theological schools by Master Alexander of Hales, OFM, though neglected today. This is all the more the case since the sacred writers of the New Testament, by their use of the Aorist — a peculiarity of Greek and of certain Slavic languages, but lacking in all other languages — seem to have wished to indicate to us the same « eviternal» level, intermediate between eternity and time.

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