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Foto Garuti Adriano , L’ecclesiologia oggi , in Antonianum, 83/1 (2008) p. 25-40 .

Summary: In the context of the ecclesiology of Vatican II and of the post-Conciliar period, the Author offers a commentry on last year’s document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a document that empahsises both the continuity-in-development of the Council’s doctrine with the teaching that preceded it, and the historically continuous subsistence of the Church of Christ in the Catholic Church, as conveyed in the verbal form “subsistit in” employed in “Lumen gentium”8. He then analyses the divergent responses to the document on the part of different spokesmen for the other Christian confessions, and relates it all to the possible impact on the ecumenical dialogue of the omission in the Annuario Pontificio of the title “Patriarch of the West” from among those of the Roman Pontiff.

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